Best Yoga For Diabetes Patients

Best Yoga For Diabetes Patients

Diabetes Yogasana – Nowadays, the number of patients with diabetes is increasing significantly. The problem of diabetes has started increasing due to wrong eating habits and changing lifestyle. Patients with diabetes have to take special care of food and drink. Diabetes occurs due to increase in blood sugar level. Diabetes patients should do yoga to keep blood sugar level under control.

How does Diabetes happen ?

When insulin reaches the pancreas of our body, the level of glucose in the blood increases. This condition is called diabetes. Insulin is a hormone that is made by the digestive gland. Its function is to convert food inside the body into energy. This is the hormone that controls the amount of sugar in our body. In the case of diabetes, the body has difficulty in making energy from food. In this situation, increased levels of glucose start damaging various organs of the body.

This disease is more in men than women. Diabetes is mostly hereditary and due to lifestyle deterioration. In this, hereditary type-1 and diabetes due to irregular lifestyle are placed in type-2 category. Those people fall under the first category, if any of the parents, grandparents in the family have diabetes, then the family members are more likely to get the disease. Also if you reduce physical exertion, do not sleep, have irregular eating and mostly fast food and sweet.

Danger after diabetes disease

Heart attack or stroke is the highest death among diabetes patients. In people who suffer from diabetes, the risk of heart attack increases by fifty times more than the normal person. Increasing the amount of glucose in the body causes hormonal changes and efforts are damaged which affects both blood vessels and veins. This can cause an artery blockage or a heart attack. The risk of stroke also increases for the diabetic patient. It can damage the retina of the eye if diabetes is not treated for a long time. This can also blind a person forever.

Symptoms of Diabetes

  • Light Thirst
  • Frequent urination
  • Reduced eye light
  • Any injury or wound healing
  • Itchy wounds on hands, feet and genitals
  • Frequent boils and pimples
  • dizziness
  • Irritability

Yoga For Diabetes Patients

Today we will tell you which patients should be practiced to keep blood sugar level under control by diabetic patients.


Diabetes patients should practice Balasan regularly. Practicing Balasan keeps blood sugar levels under control. Practicing Balasan yoga also reduces back and shoulder pain. By doing Balasan daily, the digestive system is also strengthened.

Sethubandhasana Yoga

Sethubandhasan keeps blood sugar level under control by practicing yoga asana. Diabetes patients should practice Sethubandhasana Yoga regularly. Practicing Sethubandhasana Yoga also gives relief in the problem of high blood pressure.


Sarvangasana should be practiced daily to keep the body healthy. Practicing Sarvangasana in diabetes problem is beneficial. Regularly practicing Sarvangasana also relieves backache. Blood sugar levels remain under control by performing Sarvangasana.


The practice of halasana yoga is considered to be best for diabetic patients. Regularly practicing Halasan keeps blood sugar levels under control. Diabetes patients should practice Halasana daily.


Daily pranayama should be done to keep the body healthy and to stay away from diseases. By doing pranayam regularly, blood sugar level remains under control.