Government of India launched Sandes app For Government Officials

Government of India launched Sandes app For Government Officials

Government of India launched Sandes app For Government Officials:In today’s time, WhatsApp is installed in almost every user’s mobile phone using Android. WhatsApp became so popular because it allows you to talk to anyone and anywhere. You can talk anywhere in the country and abroad not only through text messages but also through audio and video calls. But nowadays people are gradually giving up using WhatsApp, the reason is its new privacy policy.

According to the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, WhatsApp can show your data in search engines and can use it without asking you. This privacy policy needs to be aggregated to all WhatsApp users, otherwise your account will be deactivated. Earlier, the last time to Agree this Privacy Policy was given till February, which has been extended till May. But it is necessary to Agree this new privacy policy of WhatsApp. That’s why many people are now rushing to another app to protect their privacy.

Government of India launched Sandes app For Government Officials

Apart from WhatsApp, there are many such apps which give the same features and even better features than that. But whatsapp has been used the most so far due to papularity. Because if you use any other app, it is not necessary that your friend or close friend is also using that app. But WhatsApp is so popular that you will find it in almost all phones, which WhatsApp is also now taking advantage of. However, due to this new privacy policy, many of its customers have now left WhatsApp completely.

These days the government and general users are worried about data privacy. Recently, while the new data policy of WhatsApp has angered general users, the government has prepared its cut. Modi government has launched its messaging app for the country. These apps are currently being used by government employees. But soon it will be launched for common users.

Government of India launched Sandes app

The central government has launched a new Sandes app on data theft and privacy. According to the report of Business Stadard, this is an instant messaging app that has been given to government employees to use at the moment. This app is also being called Government Instant Messaging Systam (GIMS).

Only Government employees are getting access

According to the information received, this new app can be accessed from At present, common people are not allowed to use it. If someone clicks on this site, he gets to see the message of ‘This authentication method is applicable for authorized government officials’.

It Works on Adroid and iOS platforms

The Messages app works on Adroid and iOS. The report states that it has been prepared with the support of Adroid and iOS operating systems. This app has been made similar to the new modern chatting app. Voice and data can be sent in the chatting app.

Let us tell you that there have been many cases of data theft in the last few years. However, the central government is asking all Internet companies to set up their servers in India. But no internet company has taken any concrete decision yet. In the last one year, the central government has started showing seriousness about the data.