6 Home Remedies to Increase Eyesight

6 Home Remedies to Increase Eyesight

6 Home Remedies to Increase Eyesight : Nowadays the biggest reason for people’s eyes getting weaker day by day is that we wake up late in the night and use smartphone or laptop etc. more. Overuse of smartphone or laptop has a profound effect on your eyes. The blue fall from it spoils your eye. Apart from this, less sleep has a great effect on our eyes and due to pollution and dust, our eyes also get worse. That is why the use of the smartphone should be reduced and black glasses must be put in your eyes while exiting.

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Nowadays you must have seen that many young children have to wear glasses, whereas earlier people used to wear glasses. What is the biggest reason for children to put on glasses is that they start using smartphones to play and entertain themselves in childhood and start playing videos or games in it. In today’s time, parents also put videos in their phones to silence crying children. During childhood, the eyes of children are very delicate, in such a situation that if they are shining with light, then their eyes start to deteriorate. Blue rays emanating from the screen of the phone have a very bad effect on the eyes.

Some Home Remedies to Increase Eyesight

There are many home remedies to increase eyesight, which you can increase your eyesight by adopting. We are going to tell you about these measures below:

1. For your information, tell us that drinking water kept in a copper vessel increases the eyesight. You put water in a copper vessel before sleeping and after waking up in the morning the next day drink this water on an empty stomach. Whenever you drink water during the day, drink only water kept in a copper vessel, this gives a lot of benefit to your eyes.

2. Gooseberry marmalade is also very beneficial for the eyes. If you eat gooseberry jam 1-2 times a day, it can increase your eyesight.

3. Probably there will be fennel, almond and sugar candy in all of you. If you grind one teaspoon of fennel, two almonds and half a teaspoon of sugar candy together and drink it before going to bed at night, then your eyes benefit and its light increases.

4. There is another home recipe for which you do not need to go out anywhere. You must have kept cumin and sugar candy in your house. For your information, tell that grinding cumin and sugar candy together and eating with a spoonful of desi ghee increases eyesight.

5. If cow’s ghee is kept in your house then it can be very useful for you. Take some cow’s ghee and apply it behind your ear and massage it with light hands and massage it till the cow’s ghee dries up. By doing this your eyesight increases.

6. Go to the market and buy Triphala powder and honey. Because eating 100 grams of Triphala powder mixed with honey has a good effect on your eyes. If you want, you can also drink Triphala powder mixed with hot milk. Both types of work will have a good effect on your eyes and your eyesight will gradually increase.

In this article, we told you that if your eyesight is getting weak then you can take some home remedies to increase it. By adopting these home remedies, you will definitely see a difference in your eyes.