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Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee (MNREGA) Act is a scheme launched to provide employment to unemployed and poor families in India. This scheme provides employment to citizens of every state of India with 100 days guarantee to any rural household in every financial year.

What is MNREGA Scheme ?

The Act directs the State Governments to implement “MNREGA schemes”. Under the MGNREGA, the central government bears the cost of wages, 3/4 of the cost of goods and some percentage of administrative costs. State governments bear unemployment allowance, 1/4 of the cost of goods and administrative cost of the State Council. As the state governments give unemployment allowance, they are given huge incentive to provide employment to the workers.

However, it is up to the state government to fix the amount of unemployment allowance, which is subject to the condition that it should not be less than 1/4 of the minimum wage for the first 30 days and then less than 1/2 of the minimum wage. No 100 days of employment (or unemployment allowance) per family should be provided to competent and willing workers every financial year.

Process Of MNREGA Scheme

Adult members of rural families submit their name, age and address along with a photograph to the Gram Panchayat. The panchayat, after investigation, registers the houses and provides a job card. The job card contains the details and photo of the registered adult member. A registered person can submit an application to work either in writing (for a minimum of fourteen days of continuous work) to either the Panchayat or the Program Officer. The application daily unemployment allowance will be paid to the applicant.

No discrimination between men and women is allowed under this act. Therefore, men and women should be paid equal pay. All adults can apply for employment.

MNREGA Job Card Scheme

To get 100 days of employment under MNREGA scheme You must have a job card. The job card contains the details of the beneficiary’s work done in NREGA.

In this article, we will share the complete information about how to apply for a job card and download the MNREGA job card application form.

The MNREGA job card gives the beneficiary more benefits with 100 days of employment. There is a contribution of 51 thousand rupees on the marriage of the daughter of the beneficiary.

Eligibility for MNREGA Job Card

  • Beneficiary must be a native of India
  • The beneficiary age should be above 18 years
  • Candidate should not be working in any official or non-official post
  • Beneficiary should be connected to rural area
  • Aadhar card
  • Ration card
  • Bank account passbook
  • Passport size photo

Application for MNREGA job card

NREGA Job Card is applied by the Village Development Officer in the Gram Panchayat in rural areas. Interested beneficiaries of the state can apply for the job card with the village development officer of their village by attaching their required documents with the NREGA job card application form. After submission of the application, the Village Development Officer examines the eligibility of the beneficiary and prepares the list. If found correct in eligibility, name is added to MNREGA list and beneficiaries are provided their job card.

Under the MNREGA Act, both men and women of the state can apply for the job card. In the MNREGA, there is no discrimination between men and women, they are paid equally.

MNREGA Job Card Application Form

If you also want to apply for your job card, you can download the MNREGA job card application form by clicking on this link.

MNREGA Job Card List

In MNREGA job card list you can see the list of MNREGA job card holders online and can also download.