Revealed in Global CEO Survey – India Fifth Most Attractive Growth Economy

Revealed in Global CEO Survey - India Fifth Most Attractive Growth Economy

Revealed in Global CEO Survey – India Fifth Most Attractive Growth Economy – Many countries including India are promoting industries and industrialists to continuously strengthen their economy. This increases the economy of the country. The London-based consultancy company Prince Waterhouse & Coopers (pwc) conducts a survey every year by CEOs of large companies in 100 countries. According to this recent survey for the year 2021, India has slipped to the fifth position in the list of countries with the most attractive economy in terms of economic growth in the next 12 months. Britain has come in fourth place, beating India.

According to this recent global CEO survey, the United States of America and China have been ranked first and second respectively in terms of growth potential in the next 12 months. The 24th annual global CEO survey conducted by PwC included 5050 CEOs from 100 countries, including India. Out of all these 5050 CEOs, 8% CEOs believe that the level of growth in the Indian economy will increase in the next 12 months.

Germany is also ranked above Britain and India

Germany is ranked third according to the survey conducted by PWD. Germany was third in the survey conducted earlier. 17% of CEOs like it. The UK is ranked fourth after Brexit with 11% CEO choice. India is ranked fifth, with 8% of CEOs preferring it. Apart from this, Japan has reached the sixth place, which has improved its ranking as the country with the best economic growth. He has overtaken Australia and pushed him to seventh place.

According to the survey, America’s first choice of CEO is

The CEOs of the world’s best companies are placing the US market first on the economic growth expected in the next 12 months. In this case 35% of CEOs have preferred America. In addition, 28% of CEOs believe that the Chinese market will have the highest economic growth in the next 12 months. In this survey, there is a difference of 7% between the US and China in terms of choice of CEO as compared to a difference of only 1% last year.

76% of CEOs participating in this survey believe that this year, the world economic growth will improve significantly, while 10% of CEOs believe that economic growth will remain the same. Apart from this, 14% CEOs have decline it. According to the Piyush survey conducted in the year 2020, 22% believed that global economic growth will improve this year. In addition, 24% believed that the economic growth would be the same and 53% people had it decline. The global economy is expected to grow to record levels this year after the coronavirus epidemic slowly ends.